10 Travel Tips For Women Traveling Alone

If you are a woman who is planning to travel alone, then these tips are for you. It is really important for a woman to be careful when they travel. Especially when you are heading somewhere safety is scarce and conditions are not that good. So here we are going to list five tips for women who are willing to travel alone.

1- Plan Your Travel Ahead

It is really important to plan your trip ahead. Plan evey small detail and where you are going to spend that day. If you don’t do that you might end uo going places out of your plan or get lost.

2- Remember Names

Make sure you take a note of everything you should not forget, for example you guides’ phone numbers and names of small towns you are heading to. Also names of cities and neighborhoods. You wouldn’t want to end up missing in a big city.

3- Always Carry A Map

Always carry a map with you and don’t be ashamed of that. A map will help you find your destinations fast without the need for asking strangers who you are not that sure to trust.

4- Always Have A Guide

If you are a woman you need someone to guide you, especially in places you are scared. Usually when a woman is alone there’s a high chance of other trying to get close to her. So make sure that you don’t stay alone especially in the mountains or when you are doing outdoor activities.

5- Find Good Company

It is impossible not to find tourists in the place you are traveling to. You must find nice girls just like you having fun and they might be speaking your language as well.

6- Get Updated

Before you go somewhere, look it up on the internet. See if there are any conflicts going on, or wars or potential terrorist attacks. See what cities are safe and are not, then you can hit the road.

7- Carry First Air Kit


It is always good to carry first aid kit with you so you can treat yourself whenever something bad happens to you.

8- Don’t Talk To Strangers

Talk to strangers only if you trust them. For example if you want to ask about directions, it is better to ask the hotel staff then asking people outside. And always ask people who seem trustworthy.

9- Get Safe Transportation

Always get safe and comfortable transportation when traveling alongside the country you are visiting

10- Do Not Camp Everywhere


Always ask locals about a good and secure place to camp. Always camp in places with guards where accessibility to water and bathrooms. Avoid camping in empty places and never camp alone. Only do that if your guides say it’s okay and they are with you.


Try not as hard as you can not to be alone when you are traveling. Women are more likely to be treated bad ways in some specific countries