It is always good to try to reduce your expenses when you are travelling. There are multiple ways you can do that. You can for example cook for yourself in lieu of eating outside. Or sleep at a friends’ house. But the most expensive thing you are going to pay for is transportation. So, here in this article, I am about to share with you some tips that can help you reduce your travel expenses which will help you to go far places at low cost.

Disclaimer: Some of these tips can only be applied in countries where you feel safe and people are kind and will not try to rob you. Safety is number.

Let’s dive in to the real stuff.


Hitchhiking is always a good option for free rides or travels from city to city. In order to have people stop for you need not to look scary. You need to be looking like an average traveller, and always keep a smile when you wave at cars. However, in some areas in the world it is not recommended to do that. You might get robbed or you cannot understand the driver and you might end up in a city you did not plan to go to.

Share Taxis

This thing is very common in third world countries. There are some kind of taxis that are shared and other taxis that are for individual rides. To get the best ride you need to find a shared ride in an individual taxi. Let’s say you came to a train station and you’re about to take a taxi. Why not look for someone who is looking trustworthy and reachout to see if you can share your ride with them and pay 50% of the actual cost if you have the same destination.

Share Uber Rides

Uber is getting famous all around the world. So try to share rides with people doing the same trick we described above with taxis.

Sometimes Busses Are Better Than Trains

Yes they are, especially in holiday season when everyone is travelling around the country. In a train you are not guaranteed to have you own dedicated seat. If the train is full, you can still book a ticket but not get a seat. Imagine if that travel is 4 hours or more long, that’s gonna be your worst ride ever. Trust me. Instead in bus stations you are guaranteed to get your seat with other benefits that you can get such as the bus stops every now and then for passengers to eat of go to the restroom. And the most interesting part is that busses are usually 25% cheaper than trains. So like that you hit two birds with one rock.

Rent Bicycles

Use this and trust me, you will enjoy your rides around the place you’re heading more and freely. Rent a decent bike that will not break in the middle of nowhere. Plan your trips ahead and always carry a map so you will not get lost.


Why not hike if the distance is not that long and the weather is good. It is better to hike when you have company, it is not advised to do it alone especially in places you don’t feel safe. Just carry with enough water and you will be set to hike miles and save tens of dollars.

Go On Walking Tours

Free walking tours are organized in most of the cities that attract tourists. You just need to plan ahead and look up those tours online. Actually walking tours are better than bus ones. I personally prefer to walk and enjoy every moment and get the time to take pictures and capture good moments.

Book Flights Ahead

You can save ridiculous amounts of money by booking your flights months ahead. The longer the period you do it before the flight the more you save. Use SKYSCANNER to search the web for potential cheap flights you can take anywhere, everywhere.

Rent A Car

This tip is going to help a lot if you are more than two travellers. You can share the cost of the rental of the car. It’s gonna cost you crazy cheap amount of money. The average car rental rates all around the world is 50 dollars per day, the longer the period, the cheaper the costs will go. Let’s say you are 4 guys travelling together and you rent a car for 20 days for 40 dollars a day. That’s only going to cost you 200 dollars throughout your whole vacation. Isn’t that crazy cheap?!

Only Pack Luggage You Need

To avoid extra weight charges, it is better to only carry the weight you need. Rethink what you are packing and only keep stuff you need in the suitcase. This is going to help you save much money in the airport. You will not be asked to pay for extra weight as the cost goes up as the price as well.

Walk Short Distances

Make sure to walk short distances and stay away from taking taxis. Let’s say you want to get check this museum in a city you are discovering. Before you go outside and take a taxi, consider checking the map and see how far it is on foot. Give it a walk is it is not that far.


Always make sure that you are focusing on the fun Rather than the quality of life when you are traveling away. One of the best ways to discover a place really well is to mix with the locals (as long as you feel safe) and live the life they live and eat the food they eat (as long as it is healthy) so you feel you are a piece of that culture. Every dollar you save is dollar you make and every 30$ or 50$ dollars you save will enable you to stay more in the city you are visiting. We hope that we have given you the best advice and inspired you to take your next travel destination.