18 Unlock Ageless Hairstyles That Take Years Off Your Face

With the right hairstyle, you can turn back the clock to give the impression-of youth as possible. Of course, we all want to be young forever and keep aging symptoms at bay. But when you hit 50, the fear that your aging signs may stick out materializes. Knowing how to style your hair will put roses back in your cheeks with a fresh and radiant-wave.

Interestingly, most hairstyles that best suit women over 50 lack complicated patterns. Non-fussy, simple and casual styles like classy bob and soft bangs add a feel of sleekness without looking overly complex. Minimalist styling eliminates the visits to your salon and slashes big bucks from maintenance. We’ve rounded up ageless hairstyles to inspire your next cut with a gorgeous youthful appearance.

1 – Pitch-Perfect Bangs

Bangs offer a timeless arrangement that makes you appear younger instantly. Soft bangs fix your look with subtle layering. Even better, they camouflage any fine lines and wrinkles found on your forehead.

If you have gray hair, sport the curly bob haircut with graceful side-swept bangs. Long hair means unbridled versatility to experiment with bangs, curls, highlights and more. Blunt, super-edgy and swingy bangs will turn heads with the most flattering effect. They always provide a modern and polished touch.   

2 – Youthful Pixie Haircuts

Pixies for women over 50 infuse a mix of classic and modern styles. You enjoy more versatility, youthfulness and elegance. This super-short hairdo brims more confidence exuding sexiness or youth charm. It fills the bill for those who cursorily style their hair in the morning.

The low-maintenance pixie works perfectly with long hair as you enter a new decade. Change tack to the face-framing sassy pixie cut. You can flirt with angles or layers to appear more chic and sexy. For light hair, go for blonde pixie cropped short behind with assorted uneven bangs to make your eyes the center of attention.   

3 – Long Lob

Bobs offer a chic option for all women as they work on all face shapes. The long lob dovetails into all face shapes beautifully with timeless and elegant inspirations. It has low-maintenance demands and ultra-versatility.

The most sought-after by older women include the platinum wavy lob due to graying hair. It frames youthfulness and modernity with the freedom to restructure hair freely without much aftercare. The tangle-free wavy lob provides a foolproof, shoulder-length hairstyle. You will grow fond of natural wavy locks that inspire you with the freedom to tweak or renew. Throw in new bangs to exude a sense of sassiness as a bold woman.

4 – Long Hair

Long gray hair with sinuous flow and loose layout rekindles freshness. Natural gray hair with glittering and soft texture will not shrivel if taken care of regularly. Combine it with an off-center hair part and side-swept bangs to camouflage the higher hairline. Similarly, long wavy hair offers a timeless classic that universally adorns all women. The curliness instantly gives you a clean bill of health. Wavy hair looks amazing with a center or side part. It’s one of the ultra-versatile hairstyles out there. With a soft and high gloss appearance, it remains alluring. 

5 – The Layered Cut

Layered cuts have been making waves as wearers look modern, gorgeous and fresh. If you want to avoid crazy hairstyles, a layered hairdo will enrich the essence of your face. It looks charming on women of all ages, and makes older ones appear younger. Besides, it pairs with all lengths such as a bob cut or super-long hair.

You can also infuse a fringe and side-swept bangs into the mix to cut a more youthful figure. A medium layered haircut works well with brunettes. Try rounded layers for a medium-length hairstyle with low-maintenance demands. The layers will anchor your face beautifully adding a new dimension to your look.    

6 – Classy Bob Styles

Shorter hairstyles such as the classy bob work best on women beyond the age of 50. The modern-layered bob provides a low-maintenance and ultra-versatile hairstyle if you have straight and slightly thick hair. The added dimension of layers makes it up-to-the-minute and modern. A wavy bob also modernizes it and makes you younger with the silky, effortless vibe it unleashes. You can also add sleekness to look younger. The rounded bob is sleek and refined to frame faces impeccably.Add lustrous side-sweep bangs to complete the ensemble. The balayage dying technique colors your hair so you can appear in-trend and fresh. Go for the graduated bob if you want a tangle-free style to add height and volume to your overall look.    

7 – Natural and Relaxed Curls

Overly straight hair on older women tends to appear too harsh. To redress this, add an element of softness with a few curls at the bottom half. This method works for long or short hair. Forget the trammeled hair and rock naturally to get more youthful with a quick fix.

Curly hair should remain at shoulder length or below for the framing-effect on your face. Avoid too long curly hair as it may look overgrown.

8 – Shoulder Length Flip

Shoulder-length hairstyles for the fashion-oriented woman pack both chicness and functionality. The shoulder-length flip adds more height to your hair and allows more versatile styling.

It’s a ray of hope for those who don’t want to maintain long hair. The little “flip” at the base adds authenticity without sacrificing the natural look.

9 – Shag Styles 

In the world of hair, shags remain iconic and make you more adventurous with long or short hair. Shag haircuts inspire phenomenal looks and manifest your wild character. The bright and breezy look gives a double whammy for older women as it makes them even younger.

This hairstyle tells onlookers that you got out of bed like this and you still look fabulous. It means you have natural and beautiful hair with less maintenance demands. With choppy layers and texture-rich hair, you can wear it with curls or waves.      

10 – The Side Part

One of the chick styles of layering is the side part, and it has tons of fun. You can carve out a slight length on the crest with a side part.

A center part can appear excessively formal and stubborn on straight hair. The side part introduces a bit of youthfulness while it allows your hair to move freely. This easy-to-care-for hairstyle works perfectly at night or daytime.

11 – Wispy Fringe Cut

You can pull off a wispy fringe cut to suit your face shape. The wispy fringe cut propels you to the apex of the short hair fashion world.

It works best on thin hair because the wispiness and the fluffy-effect show off the natural wave. Start by adding a wispy fringe in front, and then top it off with super-trendy touchups. 

12 – Long Waves

Long waves provide a fabulous choice for all women, regardless of age and size. This style has been on the limelight for decades and it’s a trend that will remain phenomenal in future.

Long waves impart more sleekness and ladylikeness to your appearance. You can also blend the wavy lock with bangs, layers and highlights to add piquancy. 

13 – Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids jazz up every woman with an elaborate-looking and simple do for rushed mornings. Not only do they look sexy but also playful to tailor to your personality and taste.

You can try a variety of braids as there’s no limitto your ethnicity or hair color. The fishtail braid will keep your hair on one position and away from your face to balance out your natural curvature below the neck.

14 – Highlights and Lowlights for Blonde Hair

This style mingles blonde highlights with brunette lowlights. The highlights breathe new life and dimension while the color fluffs up your hair follicles. It’s a perfect fit for 50 year olds seeking to manifest their sexy features.

15 – Bold and Spiky Pixie

Pixie hairstyles frame your face, show off and highlight your outstanding features. The bold and spiky pixie cut offers a low-maintenance and adventurous hairdo. You can take it a notch higher by dying it up with a red or other color.

You also retain a professional and playful tone. This funky version gives you a signature look with a sense of modernity and maturity.

16 – Asymmetric Silver Cut

An asymmetric cut style has one side dwarfed by the other and works best on gray hair as you develop silver. The asymmetric silver cut is the coolest type of pixies.

It balances out your entire figure and adds volume in your hair. All in all, you look sophisticated, cool, and a few years younger. It also poses easy maintenance requirements for women who don’t want no fuss.

17 – Sleek Chin-Length Bob    

Bobs work excellently on thick, wavy hair. If you thirst for something cleaner, refined, and chic, the sleek chin-length bob answers your description. A chin-length bob on women over 50 looks super-cute, elegant and mature simultaneously. The sharp angles brighten up your hair and segregate it to a class of its own.   

18 – Colored Hair

Avoid the dull dark or tanned strands that tend to wear you down with age. Introducing a new color will enliven your style in a jiffy. Colored hair is on the top of the youngsters’ charts, but you don’t have to go hog wild like Millennials.

A sprinkle of tint works like charm. For instance, you can go for brown hue in blonde hair and light-colored highlights in brunette hair. In the same breath, have it shot with streaks of pink or something alike to exude more confidence in a bubbly personality.