Must-Have Makeup Hacks & Tricks for Mature Skin

As you age, you have to evolve your beauty tricks as you need to turn back the clock. Getting makeup application down to a fine art means you can camouflage winkles, skin damage and mature spots. But don’t forget that the foundation you wore as a young woman becomes a dead giveaway of wrinkles at 50.

Fret not; you can still frame a radiant face echoing glorious days of youth with foolproof tips and tricks. We’ve combed out the cosmetic world to help you unlock the secrets that inspire even the most-makeup averse women. 

Mascara Without Eye Liner

We all grow fond of eyeliners but you may be caught napping without the tools of trade. If you’ve spent your liquid gel or can’t find your potful of gel mascara, you can highlight or contour your eyes without noticeable edges and architectural boundaries.

To nip it in the bud, use a standard spoolie brush to extract a drop of mascara. Then put that onto a pristine, hard lining like your fingernail. Dip the edge of a sharp-pointed brush and carve out a winged and precise line near the lashes. Avoid painting a thick line as it won’t apply evenly. It’s an eye-friendly method to keep your mascara intact longer.