Must-Have Makeup Hacks & Tricks for Mature Skin

As you age, you have to evolve your beauty tricks as you need to turn back the clock. Getting makeup application down to a fine art means you can camouflage winkles, skin damage and mature spots. But don’t forget that the foundation you wore as a young woman becomes a dead giveaway of wrinkles at 50.

Fret not; you can still frame a radiant face echoing glorious days of youth with foolproof tips and tricks. We’ve combed out the cosmetic world to help you unlock the secrets that inspire even the most-makeup averse women. 

Mascara Without Eye Liner

We all grow fond of eyeliners but you may be caught napping without the tools of trade. If you’ve spent your liquid gel or can’t find your potful of gel mascara, you can highlight or contour your eyes without noticeable edges and architectural boundaries.

To nip it in the bud, use a standard spoolie brush to extract a drop of mascara. Then put that onto a pristine, hard lining like your fingernail. Dip the edge of a sharp-pointed brush and carve out a winged and precise line near the lashes. Avoid painting a thick line as it won’t apply evenly. It’s an eye-friendly method to keep your mascara intact longer.     

Skip Powder

Always groping for powder to map out makeup? Its bad idea as it tends to emphasize lines adding years to your age. Either forego or replace it with a 100% translucent powder or go for mineral-rich products known to illuminate and glow the skin.

As you get older, your skin also gets dehydrated. Powder sponges off oil or moisture, this causes skin drying. Avoid loose powder foundations as it embeds in fine lines and creates a pale appearance on older women.

You may want to switch to creams or patterning on sprays that may not keep the foundation secure while you disguise all wrinkles. These products have become go-to alternatives for a quick fix regimen.

Younger-Looking Lips

Cherry-picking shades can make your lips look succulent and youthful. Lip contouring will make your lips plump with a few touches of a brush.

Obtain two sets of lipstick (a darker and lighter pop of the same color), a liner of flattering shade and standard old concealer. If you’ve these supplies at hand, start by lining up your lips across the edges. Apply in detail without wandering from the lips, but merely over the considerably bumpy region at the end of the pigmentation.

Afterwards, paint lines flowing interiorly to the center of your mouth. Begin by infusing the superficial part of your lips with the darker color of lipstick, and then the intermediate with the lighter one. Go for a sponge to thoroughly intermix the two colors where they intersect, ensuring you don’t pile up one shade with the other. Give the edges a mopping-up operation with a scrap of concealer or voila for a rosy hue pout with a clue of shine, naturally defined lips and subtle color.       

Highlighting the Tones of your Complexion

Discerning skin tone throws light on the right makeup hues-especially glows, foundation, bronzer and blush. Matching shades with your undertones naturally accentuates your warm complexion tones.

For those who have turned 50, there’s an interesting piece of news. Mature skin tends to look brighter and fresher with yellow-toned foundation. Thus, choosing the most excellent foundation is a no brainer. Golden tones have a potent age-defying effect. The yellows will counterbalance the grayish undertones that arise from aging and take years off your complexion.

Lip Balm As Brow Gel

When push comes to shove, try emergency makeup swaps for crazy-busy mornings. Working with the lip gloss, balm, liner and lipstick presents multitudes of options every morning. A colorless lip balm offers versatility for multi-use.

Use a fresh brush, sponge, or tip of your fingers to smidgen traces of lip balm on your eyebrows. Lick those eyebrows into shape and you’re done. Importantly, most lip balms pack tons of Vitamin E seeding lush and full-blown eyebrows.

Bobby Pin Eyelash Glue

Setting eyelashes is a messy business. You can gain dominion over the sticky stuff by manipulating it with the smooth-edged tip of your bobby pin. It gives natural or fake lashes a fuller appearance. To fully control the quantity of lash glue redistributed, dab some glue against the tip, and then disperse it evenly across the bottom of the strip.

Running A Toothbrush Through Your Hair   

Aging effects go to the root of your hair making it thinner and more tenuous. A toothbrush doubles in brass as your hair protector. First, braid your hair like usual. Use pins or elastic bands to secure your braid.

Pass a toothbrush across each edge of every link parallel to the grain on the top of your hair to eliminate weight and provide a clean finish. Then lightly pull the links of the braid to free it up. This weird toothbrush hack adds volume and oomph to your hair.

You’ll strike a casual pose with minimal dryness and formalism. Even better, it gives an illusion of 30% more hair.

Silicone Beauty Blenders

Forget the messy absorbent sponges and start using easily washable silicon beauty blenders. It’s the most excellent makeup applicator to dab foundation evenly. These smooth and flawless sponges do not sop up makeup products while remaining gentle on delicate skin such as under your eyes. Try it out to make cosmetics blending easy as pie and generate smooth, even outcomes.

High Sun Coverage

SPF adds an extra layer of protection to prevent sunburn, minimize the risk of skin cancer and premature membrane aging caused by UV exposure. Wearing sunscreen plays an instrumental when applying lightening or brightening products by inhibiting further skin discoloration.

Next-generation SPF 15 sunscreen renders a broad spectrum of defense against UV rays, toxins, free radicals and environmental degradation.

The Lighter, the Better

You no longer need the black liquid liner or bolder brown in your makeup regimen. If your skin starts to look fagged out, change tack to lighter liners for your new eyes landscape. Gel and cream eyeliners with a fine-tipped brush help you breeze through the application. Consider a medium hue of brown for a refined, cleaner and youthful look. A softer formula opens your eyes up and looks more wakeful. For brows, get one shade lighter. Blondes should only get a color darker than their hair.