Travel Like An Athlete

Athletes travel the world all the time yet they should stay fit and healthy. If there is someone who will benefit us about healthy travels they must be athletes. So let’s discover how they do it.

1- Eat To Beat Jet Lag

One of the best methods to beat jet lag is to eat food as you are flying. As food helps you overcome jet lag and it was proven. You can carry with you some peanuts or similar stuff.

2- Relax

Wear loose clothes that will make you feel comfortable as you are on road. Tight clothes will always make you feel tired and will not enable you to sleep comfortably.

3- Book Flights Wisely

Always book your flights wisely and make sure you get the landing hours close to your usual sleeping time.

4- Avoid Alcohol On The Airplane

The reason why athletes do not drink on the airplane is that alcohol makes the body feel loose and doubles the impact of jet lag. Athletes doctors advise that the alcohol effects makes it harder to recover a long travel jet lag double the time it usually takes.

5- Nap Strategically

Most of Athletes takes quick nap regularly. That helps them to recover easily from jet lags and makes traveling easy. Strategic naps help to feel good every now and then you might get tired while you are doing really long walking tours.

6- Mind Games

Play with your mind so that you feel that you are one same country. Change the clock to the local country you are in. Once you step where you are heading to do the required changes in you watch. And see how your mind will try to get along with the new timing.

7- Be Active

Make sure that you stay active even in the new city you are discovering. Running or working out helps you stay active and ready to do whatever it takes to make your holiday fun.

8- Eat Less

The less you eat the easier jet lag you will have as it was proven with athletes.

9- Snack On The Plain

Try to get some peanuts or small snacks. Do not overwhelm your stomach with so much food.

10- Water Your Body

Make sure you are hydrated really well while you are on the go.

Make sure you are hydrated really well while you are on the go.

It’s always good to watch after your health conditions when you are traveling. I haven’t had a worst holiday than the one when I got sick for days and didn’t even get the chance to enjoy the place I was visiting. It was all because of a mistaken I did, so I learned that I should be more careful