Asia has an unlimited number of attractions that you can visit. Thanks to the kindness of locals you can spend a wonderful vacation. Also prices are not too expensive, you can have so much fun verses spending very little money.

Asians in general treat foreigners nicely and try to please as much as they can. This is for a huge number of people living in touristic areas depend fully on tourists to make a living. This is a very big plus for everyone going there to spend good time.

All of Asia is good to visit! But there are some places where you can spend really good time and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Asia is big, very diverse and has a lot of attractions. You will get lost if you try to count how many! But here, we have made a good list of the best attractions you must see when you are traveling through Asia.

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore

This park made by universal studios in Singapore in one of the best attraction you should keep in mind while going through Indonesia. Universal Studios decided to create this park in 2006 after they made the first one in Tokyo. This park has a number of themed spots alongside with a number of rollercoasters. THere are all stuff tourists will need; restaurants, hotels and resorts. The fun is guaranteed for sure.

Dubai Aquarium, UAE

The dubai underwater zoo that is located in Dubai mall is really a good spot to visit when you are going through Asia. The huge aquarium had 140 kinds of species that deserve to be discovered. Different activities can be done in the aquarium such as diving with fish and informational tours for kids.

Amer Fort, Jaipur, India

If you are a movie fan you will sure spot this place from the movie Hit Man. This is located in a town called Amer. it was declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2013. This site is considered the top attraction place in Jaipur, India thanks to the daily 5000 visitors that come to explore the amazing looking views! The monument was built by the Meenas using red stone and marble. Really a god place to set as a place to discover in India!
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

The gardens by the bay park in Singapore was opened in 2012 covering 250 acres. The park was a project done by the government and the plan was to transform the garden that was in the city to a city that is located inside a garden! Really clever and courage move by the Indonesia. The part has three sections and features a number of themes. A space dedicated to flowers and another spot for threes and a place called the cloud forest. There are areas dedicated for children to play and also a number of events that take place in the park!

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Now we will talk about this rural area away from the countryside and natural landscape. One thing everybody knows about Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is the Petronas Towers. These tower were finished in 1996. The shape and design of the towers was one of the most things Malaysia known for. And the towers became a destination for most of the tourists in Malaysia especially taking pictures with the towers in the frame. In the building itself there are a number of cool stuff one can see and visit, such as the sky bridge that connects the towers and the malls that are in the area surrounding the towers. Also you can find children dedicated playgrounds where they can spend good times. Really an amazing place to visit while you are in Asia.

The Maldives

This is something you should not miss. The maldives, where sand looks and feels like snow and beach water is crystal clear. The maldives is a piece of heaven and if you got the chance to visit it, do it without hesitation!
Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo, Japan

The Skytree located in Tokyo is considered as the second tallest construction in the world after Burj Khalifa. The building was finished in 2012. The main purpose of the building is a broadcast tower. However the visitors love visiting the tower to enjoy the view from top where you see Tokyo from a whole new and different perspective. Visitors also target the restaurant located in the tower.

Petra, Jordan

The symbol of Jordan and most visited spot in the country, Petra is a good historical monument that leaves everyone speechless at its charm. The city is also known as the rose city, due to the pinkish theme on the rocks all over the place. No one knew about the historical treasure until an explorer discovered it in 1812. It is said that the city was constructed 312 BC and was the center of the Nabataeans empire. Really an amazing place if you are into historical places.
Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia in Asia.

Bali, Indonesia is one of the best cities in Asia It is somewhere you should not miss at all. Especially Tanah Lot. This word stands for “home in the sea” This place was formed by itself throughout time and also it was modified into a temple by Dang Hyang who was inspired by the rock formation and decided to modify it and move it to an island. It