How To Spend A Wonderful Week In The Land Of Fire And Ice [ISLAND]

ICELAND, the wonderful spot we have on this planet has so much to show and give to travel and discovery lovers. If you have not been there before, I think this week we planned for you will get you pumped to pack your backpack and get a flight as soon as you can!

Why all this?! Such a place is not like the any other. I personally see it as the last spot where mankind left no traces behind. It gets even to the point where you think you are living in the medieval ages.

Fire and Ice. This combination has always enchants people and hooked them. In Iceland these two substances go alongside with each other. Volcanos protrude from underneath a land covered with ice and frozen lakes. Lava streams cut their way through fields of herb covered in snow! What an amazing scene. What a beautiful image. Completely BREATHTAKING !

So here we are giving you the best plan you the best week plan anyone can come up with! We have put the best attractions you can visit and also the perfect times you can do that.

It is always good to schedule your travels ahead. Know where you are going to go and who you will meet also how much you are going to spend! Here we have listed days one by one but you can change them to what suits you well!


Reynisfjara Beach

From the neighbouring town of Reynisfjara beach you can get a guided tour. This black sand beach looks awesome and dope. The cliff that is close to the beach and the huge pillar that is reaching the sea from the cliff looks just stunning. Views like this show how long it took for nature to develop such a beautiful creations! The area is rich of active volcanoes the reason why we see such formations.


Hekla Volcano 

Hekla, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, has always been one of the best attractions that drove people to visit Iceland. The surrounding land of the volcano is full of life, animals come to stop by, especially horses and the land is rich and looking beautifully awesome! The volcano has always been an inspiration of a number of artists, thanks to the dramatic look it has and also the mix of fire and ice that you will notice right away.


The Blue Lagoon

This attraction is amazing and you should not miss it. The blue lagoon was always very enchanting and amazing! Experiencing swimming in this lagoon is somethings words can’t describe. Water is being surrounded with lava, which makes an amazing combination of fire and water. Again here we see these two substances going together along in nature creating this amazing looking scene. This amazing place is only minutes drive from the capital, easy to access also fun and good times are granted for sure. So make sure you do not miss it!


Thingvellir National Park

This national park is the hole of the largest lake in Island. The lake that contains the spot that separates europe from America. Really amazing and breathtaking views all around the park, being just 45 minutes away from Reykjavik. It is not too far to visit and why not give that lake a try if you area professional diver.


Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

From the Standir district you can reach Hornstrandir. This place was only reachable by individual tourists recently after the area knew a slight increase in population. Travellers from all around the world now visit this attraction thanks to its lack of human traces all around. Complete isolation and the relationship you feel you have with mother nature is just amazing! This place really deserves a visit while you are there!


Skaftafell Nature Reserve

Literally, one of the best landscapes ever to be in the world. This formation took millions of years by the mix of water and fire, this is why they call it the land of fire and ice. There are a number of hiking trails that you can try. The most well known one and famous one is the one that leads to Svartifoss (the black fall). Really amazing place to visit and you should also have this in your plan to visit Iceland.


Asbyrgi Canyon

This horse-shoe shaped canyon is one of the best places and natural formations you should visit in Iceland. Ásbyrgi canyon is a place for travellers from all around the world, thanks to the tranquil space and the relaxation visitors feel when they visit the place. The canyon is 2 miles in length surrounded with a wall cliff. Absolutely stunning and words can’t describe this beauty.


Lake Myvatn Geothermal Area

This lake is just far from description. It took it about 2300 years to form out of volcanic formations resulting in this amazing and breathtaking lake. This is a place where again, lava and water go along and the lake is still in the process of formation, who knows after 3000 years how it is going to look! This is an attraction that attracts a huge number of travellers from all around the globe thanks to the easy access. It is 90 km away from Akureyri and there are regular tours planned by local tourist organizations.



This town is amazing and really good to visit. It only has the population of 580, that’s it! Only 580 people live there. I doubt that everybody knows each other in that town. Being surrounded with rolling hills. It is wonderful small town you should set as you travel destination in Iceland

Last Words

Iceland really worth your visit and should be on your bucket list for sure. The locals are nice and it is one of the safest countries you can ever visit. So make sure you do not miss this beautiful destination.

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